6 Week Beach Body Getaway – 3 SPOTS LEFT!

6 Week BEACH BODY GETAWAY – March 28th – May 9th

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Okay ladies, let’s be honest…

Bikini shape is MUCH different than Sweater wearing, body hiding San Francisco Weather shape. It’s gloomy outside and because of that you can pretty much get away with having a little excess fat layer around your stomach and indulging on a few more cheat meals than normal…

Bikini Body Beach Body PhotoBut wait a minute.
Summer Time is Literally around the corner! And if you have already planned a relaxing resort /pool / beach vacation you know you are in need of a MAJOR body toning plan. Because at the moment, you are thinking to yourself “there is NO WAY I would get into a bikini right now.” Well, The last thing you want to do is wait till the last minute to get your body toned for summer, especially because there is no where to hide in a swimsuit! You will end up feeling bad about your body and self conscious at the pool while you are trying to have a good time…

Hiding from photos and refusing to even take your swim suit cover off because you are afraid everyone will be whispering behind your back talking about you should NOT be wearing that swim suit. Worst nightmare!!! It’s all in your head of course but not a fun way to go on a trip. Instead, You want to feel like everyone is checking out your flat stomach and feminine curves, jealous about how good you look in your bikini and asking you how you did it! You want to feel so good that you walk on the beach without a coverup feeling completely confident and Sexy in your Brand New Beach Body! So now my question to you is…

Are you ready to smooth out all your trouble areas and see every last bulge in your belly, hips and thighs disappear??

But really, are you ready to make every other woman that sees you in your bikini envious about why they don’t look as good as you???

If so then let’s get to work now! Welcome to my First time EVER BEACH BODY GETAWAY Challenge! My Beach Body Getaway has been designed specifically for 1 reason: To get YOU a Hot, Sexy, bikini, Vegas pool party ready body that you cannot WAIT to show off to anyone you are going on vacation with. And here’s how we are gonna do it in 6 weeks:

Week 1 – Beach Body DETOX & CLEANSE Week
Reduce belly bloat and body waste buildup so you can lose inches more easily and your enhance your body’s metabolism. This calculated detox system will help your body lay the foundation for increased weight loss so you reach your new beach body in no time!

Week 2 – Flat Bikini Belly
If you are seeking that flat, sexy bikini waistline, you won’t want to miss week 2. Workouts and meal plans designed to target your mid-section so that you can turn heads at at any Vegas pool party!

Week 3 – Bikini Booty-Licious
Shape and lift the booty, trim and firm your thighs. These workouts will target the 7 main muscles that make the booty pop and develop saddle-bag free, lean and long thighs to look smooth and long in your new bikini bod.

Week 4 – Tank top Arms
Get that sexy shoulder indentation and tone your arms to look amazing any tank top or sundress! Learn how to shape and firm your arms so you are ready for any short-sleeve outfit.

Week 5 – Surf Body Throw-down!
Time to skyrocket your metabolism with targeted workouts to strengthen and lean out your entire body. Just a few more inches to go before you are rockin that new bikini!

Week 6 – Swimsuit Model Ready
Train and eat just like a swimsuit super model! Eliminate and smooth out any final trouble areas so you look and feel fantastic at our Luxury, Penthouse Celebration Luau!! Our Beach Body Getaway Combines 3 of the Most Essential Components Required for your Success:

The Eating Plan:
When you are working out and exercising your body needs a specific combination of nutrients to replenish and be healthy. Having too few calories will make you nauseous irritable and tired. This meal plan will teach you how to make Easy, meal combos that are delicious.
- Receive Your Weekly Menus with Print Ready Grocery Lists Every Week along with a full structure of how to make healthy meal combos to keep you energized.

The Workout Plan:
You’ll use my 3+2+2 Strength, Cardio and Recovery Workout System that’s been proven to get you quick results. If you are short on time, Workouts can be done in 45 minutes or less.
- Receive New, Fun and targeted workouts Every Week so you will have tons of variety and Never get bored.
- Boot Camp Workouts offer beginning to advance modifications that have been pre-programmed to ensure you tone your entire body.
- Unlimited Access to All Workouts! Flexible schedule.
- Choose any class you want! We offer 10 boot camp classes a week. You can do all mornings, all evenings or a combo of both.
- Weekly Online Workout Plan.
- If you are too busy to come to class in person, no worries! Receive a new detailed workout videos and photos of exactly how to do the exercises on your own for the week so you won’t miss a beat.
- Save time! You don’t have to plan a thing. Our enthusiastic coaches will have done-for-you routines that will give you fast results.

Gina Feels Younger and Stronger!

I joined I Luv My Body Fitness because I was at a point in my life where I really needed to put exercise back in and I was having trouble doing it myself, so I joined, and I’ve been here for over a year – a year and four months and I’ve seen some really great results from joining. I know a lot of people count the inches and the pounds, and I probably don’t measure my success that way, but I have to say that I can go in my closet and put anything on. That’s one of the best results that I’ve seen. I’m just able to do sports better, I walk up the hills in San Francisco, and everything in life is easier. I just sleep better, I just have a nicer, healthier lifestyle. The instructors are knowledgeable, which I think is the first and most important thing when you’re working out. They keep you healthy and injury-free, and they’re also fun to be with. The clients are like your support team and your friends. I’ve made some great friendships here. All of you people thinking of joining, come on down, don’t hesitate. Really, just know that you’ll find your spot here. There’s all kinds of people, and all kinds of abilities of people working out here. Everyone is very welcoming, and the instructors will help you get fit.

Gina Orofino

No More Back Pain!

I was always in pretty good shape and athletic, and then a few years back, I had some major ankle surgery, and I was off my feet for ten weeks. It was a combination of all that and not being able to lose that extra fifteen or twenty pounds that I was at, and I guess the big thing was last year. I was lifting up my eighteen month-old son, who was thirty pounds at the time, and my back totally went out. The doctor said, “The best thing you could do is to strengthen your core”, so that’s why I love I Luv My Body Fitness boot camp, because almost everything we do is core-related. In about five months, I lost maybe fifteen, seventeen pounds. I dropped a couple dress sizes. I lost two to three inches on my waist and in my hips. I was really pleasantly surprised. What I would tell somebody who is interested in joining I Luv My Body Fitness boot camp is, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Give it a month. I guarantee you will totally see results, and I think you’ll really love it.

Yukari C

Maria Lost 15lbs Lost in One Month!

When I joined I Luv My Body Fitness, I lost 15lbs in 1 month through Exercising and dieting, and I cut out the sweets I used to have, maybe about 1500 calories to almost 2000 calories worth of juices. Simply just by modifying and watching what I eat. It wasn’t about quantity, it was about calories, so it’s really interesting. I’ve had personal trainers before, and while the focus has always been about core training, this focus is on first getting your body to sync up and to work right, and then it’s about strengthening, and then it’s about the workout.


Adriana Two Pants Sizes Lost!

Before I Luv My Body Fitness, I hadn’t worked out in three years. I have two daughters, eleven and thirteen, and they were always saying, “Mom, let’s go to the park! Mom, let’s go swimming!” I had no energy whatsoever. I was tired all the time. Now, the girls are behind me. They’re like, “Mom, slow down!” I have energy. I have lots of energy. I have muscles where I never had before.. I’ve even lost 2 pants sizes!

Adriana Jimenez

Jennifer Lost 13lbs and 11 Inches in 3.5 Months

I’ve been working out for four months now, and I’ve lost thirteen pounds and eleven inches. Working out has always been a struggle for me. When I was working out, I would get hurt, which would be discouraging and would keep me from working out again. The Z-Health part of the program has helped me tremendously in my strength training and my balance and not getting hurt after I work out. Kristen handed me a booklet and said, “I want you to write down everything you eat and the time and how it makes you feel”, and I had to be honest with her – that wasn’t going to happen. She said, “Well, why don’t you take pictures?” It was easy to snap a quick shot of what I was eating. It really makes you aware. Once you take the picture, you’re like, “Okay, how much of this do I really need to eat?” Anything getting started is always hard, always challenging. We’re in a society where we want everything to happen instantly, and there are all these gimmicks out there, like, “Take this pill”, or “Do this”, which I’m not saying are bad for you, but they’re temporary fixes. This is a permanent fix. This is a lifestyle change, and teaching your body how to respond correctly and stay that way.

Jennifer Young

Melinda Lost 17lbs and Feel Years Younger!

I lost five pounds the first ten days, then in the next eleven days, I lost six and a half more pounds. You know what helps me? I was thinking about this the other day. When I’m by myself, I imagine you guys are watching me. Learning what’s a carb and what’s a protein and that you have to have some fat with stuff in order to make all that work, and portion control was a huge thing for me.

I don’t have pain when I wake up in the morning. My back used to hurt, because I had weight in the front. I feel like I’m getting younger.


Julie Lost 12 lbs in Two Months and has
No More Back Pain

I’ve been here a couple of months, and I’ve lost twelve pounds, and many, many inches. I’m learning a lot about how to take care of myself. I travel all the time, and I was having constant lower back pains, and it’s gone. It’s amazing; it’s gone. And it only took a week.

It’s really helping. I like the approach of the mobility, the exercise, and nutrition. I’m getting stronger and stronger every class. Amazingly, I can hold a plank for forty-five seconds, which I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. I can do pushups.

Pull-ups with the TRX. Things that I didn’t think I could do. It came fairly quickly, faster than I thought they would.


Barb Feels Younger, Has lost 15lbs and is Stronger

I’m stronger, I’m fitter, I’ve lost about fifteen pounds, and I just feel good about life.

I was out of shape. I wasn’t really motivated to work out, and now that I’m feeling stronger and better about myself, I want to work out everyday. I’m eating better, and in fact, I’m working with Kristen right now to try to control my portion sizes and be a little bit more disciplined, and also, the Z-Health exercises that Kristen and Melissa do, they’re really, really helpful. I feel stronger, as I said, and strength is really, really important, as is balance. I’ve hiked when I’m really out of shape, and I’ve hiked when I’m in shape, and there’s definitely a benefit to being in shape. Next week will be the test.


“Since joining, I have lost 10 lbs (woohoo) and feel a lot stronger and overall healthier.”

Yvonne Benevente

“I joined because I wanted to try a new workout regime and saw a Home Run coupon. I also wanted to stay true to my new years resolution of being healthier because before ILB, I would go to the gym and just run on the treadmill like a hamster and hit the weights but felt like I was just maintaining and not gaining muscle tone or losing weight.

Since joining, I have lost 10 lbs (woohoo) and feel a lot stronger and overall healthier. I enjoy that all the trainers really do care about my form and well about me personally as well. Customer service goes a long way. =) The trainers have been an essential asset to my phenomenal progression to my goals. They keep me motivated and don’t let me short change myself by pushing me to the limits that they know I can meet. To anyone joining, I would say they definitely should if they want to challenge themselves physically. The workouts can be catered to different levels of fitness and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.”

Yvonne Benevente

“I now fit into ALL of my pants that I wasn’t able to fit into before, . I feel stronger. I look leaner. I am healthier. I can say with self assurance that I Love My Body (and my booty :0) “

Yvonne Benevente

“Before starting ILB, I was fairly active. I ran on the treadmill and around my neighborhood, I lifted light weights at the gym in my building, and played weekend co-ed softball on the weekends. Despite all this activity, I wasn’t loosing weight nor inches and it was frustrating. I initially started I Love My Body Fitness as a summer time ‘Grouponer’ as I like to call it, but after my initial month I was hooked! I truly enjoyed the physical challenge each class offered, the structured workout programs and the welcomed soreness that the following mornings were laced with.

Personally there were many factors of motivation. I had outgrown a closet full of beautiful clothes that where a full size or two too small for me. There was alsothe pressures of my up coming wedding and the anxiety that goes along with dress shopping and pictures. Lastly, I wanted to stop saying to myself, ‘I’m going to finally loose all the weight I gained in college’- The moment where you can finally stop repeating that to yourself is a truly liberating moment.

These past 3 months with ILB has been a lesson in self motivationdiscipline and fun. Workouts are no longer a chore, nor a task that must be completed before the day is through, rather they’ve become the highlight of my day- 45 minutes to give back to my self. It’s the time to sweat the days’ stresses out on the carpet, or push thought the weights on W.O.W days.

To date I can say with self assurance that I Love My Body (and my booty :0) )

And the closet full of clothes I previously mentioned, well- I now fit into ALL of my pants that I wasn’t able to fit into before, and a particular pair that had been my goal for over three years!

For future members- Stick with it, you’ll seen and feel the results. It’s one of the best things you can ever do for yourself!”

Clair Ilog

“I have lost 42lbs and 17 inches of body fat!”

Yvonne Benevente

“I joined I Luv My Body Fitness Boot Camp because I was in a serious rut with my workout routine and needed a change. I have always been active, enjoyed playing sports and have been consistently exercising for years but I wasn’t seeing any real results with the cardio based routine I was on.  I also know that, for me, having the accountability that comes with attending a class and keeping up with the other members is the thing that really helps maximize workouts. I had done circuit training based classes in the past and knew I wanted to try a boot camp but decided to try I Luv My Body Fitness because of the positive reviews I saw on Yelp. I Luv My Body was praised for its challenging classes, friendly and dedicated staff and comfortable environment, all things I quickly found to be true and, I think, all things that set this boot camp apart from others.

My favorite part of boot camp is the variety of routines and exercises implemented in each class. Every class is something different which keeps me engaged, both physically and mentally. Boredom is definitely not a factor in these workouts which makes coming to class 3-4 nights a week extremely easy and enjoyable. In addition to keeping classes creative, it has been great to be exposed to such a wide range of exercises. I find myself writing down routines I find particularly challenging but gratifying and trying to work them into my own fitness routine when I can’t make class or when it’s an off day. It has been great to learn so many new exercises and gain a deeper understanding of how to approach my diet and exercise routine in a way that’s really going to yield the best results.

I have seen incredible results in weight loss, enhanced muscle tone and increased level of overall health in the past year. Since joining last January I have lost 42 pounds and 17 total inches. I’ve learned how to exercise and eat to maximize healthy weight loss and how to change my life to fit these healthy habits. Beyond the weight loss numbers, the biggest result I’ve seen since joining was just how doable it is to completely overall your diet and exercise habits while still enjoying food and fun with friends. Working with Kristen to develop strategies for continuing to lose weight while still being able to go out with friends has been paramount in my ability to sustain my fitness and nutrition plan while still doing all the things I love.

I would advise them to think seriously about their fitness goals and try to determine what it’s going to take to achieve them. If it’s something you feel you’re able to do on your own, then great! But I think for most people, elevating your health and fitness takes some level of learning – learning about nutrition and exercise but also learning about your personal habits and what has impaired your progress in the past. By changing how you think, it opens more doors to what you’re able to achieve and I have personally found that the I Luv My Body Program is a great place to learn those lessons and change your life for the better.”

Ashley Campisi

“I lost 23 lbs and 15 inches and became a happier more energetic person – I became my true self again.”

“Stumbling across I Luv My Body Fitness was like the stars beginning to align, just for me and just in time.  It was the summer of 2010, I was 5 months away from my wedding in Mexico, 3 months into a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and lost trying to figure out how to lose the 30 pounds I had gained over the last 3 years.  I was angry with myself and borderline depressed.  The elliptical at the gym and weekly Zumba classes were doing nothing for my body nor my mood.  Wedding dress shopping had thrown me over the edge because I was not able to fit in the dresses available at most stores.  I bought a dress off the rack that didn’t fit vowing that I would make it work.  I promised myself that I would spend the summer taking care of myself and losing weight, but it was the beginning of July and I had not been successful.

Enter Kristen and ILB. From the beginning, I could tell that she would motivate me, the tone of her voice, the genuine interest she took in hearing my story, the knowledge she immediately shared, I started to come back to life a little bit.  The first couple of weeks were very tough, but I was not alone in my struggle.  There were others new to the classes too that were struggling with me. Kristen began working with me one-on-one once a week to help me with a longstanding shoulder injury.  This was something she did because she believed in what she was learning and wanted me to benefit from it.  She also introduced me to her friend Audra Baker and the Clean and Lean Challenge. The challenge was hard, very hard, as I had wedding festivities happening every other weekend, but I stayed committed to my goal, something I was never able to do on my own before and I finally learned how to eat in order to benefit my body, not to just feed my hunger.

I was a high school sport athlete and a dancer in college.  My workouts consisted of the training and practices I had to do for my teams.  I never worked out on my own; I was always with a team or coach of some sort.  This is why I Luv My Body Fitness has worked so well for me.  Four days a week, I am told what to do and shown how to do it correctly to get the best results for my body.  I am held accountable for coming and for creating and achieving my goals.  I am given encouragement both when I am doing an exercise correctly and when I am struggling.  Kristen, Missy and John somehow have trained me to want to make myself proud first and them proud second.  They have taught me what I need to do to get myself and keep myself healthy.

With all of Kristen’s knowledge and referrals I was able to lose 15 pounds and 11 inches within the first two months. And two months later I had lost 8 more pounds and 4 more inches, and yes I fit into my
wedding dress (it actually had to be taken in a little )  To me, it was not how much weight I lost, but how much more of my life I gained back.  Because I learned how to eat better, my body had the fuel it needed and because my body was nourished, it was able to be pushed and to excel during the workouts.  My weight dropped, my thyroid stabilized, my shoulder became stronger, my anxiety decreased, I became a happier more energetic person – I became my true self again.”

Jessica Herold

“I felt so good all night knowing I was wearing a dress from my 20s and I probably looked better in it than I did then! That’s what it’s all about – how you FEEL.”

“When I first joined I Luv My Body Fitness I had never regularly exercised in my LIFE. Seriously, think about that. Not even in high school. It’s not that I was a couch potato – I’m a mom so I am always busy, but I was ready to be physically challenged. I was never what most people consider overweight. Friends & even family kept telling me I looked fine and asked why would I want to change? They could never see how uncomfortable I was. I guess I camoflaged it well!

Since I’ve been attending class regularly (3 – 4 times a week) I am stronger and much leaner. I am mentally more alert. I used to get regular headaches, my knees hurt & I was contantly maintaining my sugar “high”. I felt like crap but I didn’t know why until I started learning about nutrition in one our clean & lean challenges.I started out a size 10 / 12. I’m 5’2″. I felt really uncomfortable. My clothes pinched. I’m now physically where I feel is natural for my body -a size 6 (WOOOO). During this transition I have never felt deprived. I think that is really important. Here it is 6 months later and I am still a size 6 =). I am not going back.

I’m still really self conscious but I have decided if I win this challenge I will buy myself a new bathing suit to take on the trip. This is a HUGE deal for me. I enjoy the camraderie of our class. We bond over our aches and laugh when Missy shows us a new move. (partner Knee taps aka chicken dance, anyone?). No two workouts are alike (other than our WOWs) so I don’t get bored & my body is constantly being challenged. I love seeing the changes in the regular members.When people ask how I made this transformation I don’t hesitate to tell them about ILB and what I’ve been through. If I can do it anyone can. It might be hard but I am proof that the rewards come if you stick with it. Enthusiasm is contagious. Even after a year I am still learning how to do things correctly and I like that the instructors always make sure each person is doing the exercise correctly and they encourage you to work hard without hurting yourself. It’s a very positive and supportive environment.

To end this on a super positive note… This year when I was getting dressed for my company’s holiday party I pulled out one of my cocktail dresses. When I put it on it was WAY too big. I actually forgot I lost 3 sizes. I didn’t know what to do. It was too late to buy another dress. There was only an hour until the start of the party. I tried on dress after dress. They were all too big. I finally found a stretchy black column dress from at least 10 years ago. It fit perfectly. I  felt so good all night knowing I was wearing a dress from my 20s and I probably looked better in it than I did then! That’s what it’s all about – how you FEEL. I am feeling good so THANK YOU, Kristen, Missy & John. I appreciate you.”

Kristin Wojskowski

“Congratulations to Leticia – Down 16 LBS!!”

Thanks for the shout out Leticia, we are so proud of all the hard work you do for your life and health!!!! You are AMAZING! And you will look amazing for Costa Rica! We’re soooo jealous.”

letty dorado

Leticia Dorado

“I’ve Lost 37 lbs in 12 weeks and countless inches!”

“I am a new Mom with a 10 month old son. I first met Kristen 3 months ago when I wanted to lose my baby weight. I even decided to enter into a ‘Biggest Loser Contest’ to motivate me further. Kristen was always teaching me about my diet and kicked my butt during class! When all was said and done I had lost 37lbs, countless inches and took 2nd in my contest”

Barbie C SF, CA

“I have lost 6 pounds since we started 6 weeks ago and I’m continueing to get muscle tone in my body. I’ve been training for some marathons and been able to bike and run a lot faster since working with I Luv My body fitness.”

Meena C, SF, CA

The Motivation Plan:
Ever wondered why you could have ALL the information you could ever want about working out on the internet but you feel so un-motivated to follow through on your own?

This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure you have all the accountability and support you need to be successful throughout the challenge!
- On day 1 you will be paired up with your very own Beach Body Accountability Team.
- Get all your burning questions answered 24/7, in your Secret Facebook Group.
- 3 Live Coaching Calls and Q and A Sessions with Kristen. Calls will be recorded in case you can’t attend and are designed specifically to help you overcome your biggest nutrition  and workout challenges.
- Weekly Check ins and unlimited email support to keep you motivated and ensure that you are seeing the results you want for your body.

**BONUS ONE!!! Special Saturday Beach Body Workouts!
- Beach Body Cleansing Yoga
- to clean out your system and lengthen your body
- Board Walk Rollerblade
- get that sexy boy shorts booty and have fun skating like a pro!
- Sandy Beachy Cardio
- You can get your heart rate up just walking in the sand. This workout will get your metabolism soaring!
-Beautiful Ocean View Hike – Learn to Surf
- ever wanted to know how to pop your body up on the surf board? Well this workout will teach you how.

**BONUS TWO – Exclusive Luxury Luau Celebration in Hot SF Penthouse Suite with Roof Top Deck and 360 Views of the Entire City!
Get ‘Leid’ with Full Views of the Bay and All of SF! Heat Lamps, Luau cuisine and Mai Tai Madness for your Bikini Body Celebration!!

Penthouse Outside 2.jpg copy Penthouse Outside 1.jpg copy Penthouse Inside.jpg copy
**BONUS THREE – Winner GETS A 3 Night All INCLUSIVE Mexican Vacation Resort
Penthouse Inside.jpg copy

Package – Winner to be announced at Luau Celebration!!

Our 6 Week Beach Body Getaway includes everything you need to get Swimsuit Ready!
All Cleansing, Low Carb Meal plans and Easy print ready grocery lists – Week 1 Cleansing Juices – Weekly Check ins and expert advice to keep you on track – Secret Beach Body Facebook Group and teams – Unlimited Beach Body Workouts Complete with Cardio plans – All Online Support – All Saturday Beach Cardio Activities – Luxury Luau with 360 Views of the SF Skyline – 3 Coaching Calls and Q and A Sessions to help you control your most tempting carb cravings – 3 Night All INCLUSIVE Mexican Vacation Resort Package – for the Winner!!! Winner to be announced at the Luau Celebration!!


How To Sign Up: SCHEDULE Your FREE CALL to see if YOU Qualify for Our 6 Week Challenge!


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